Fraser Island’s (K’gari) Best Walks

Fraser Island’s (K’gari) Best Walks

Mar 23, 2021

Fraser Island is home to some of the most magnificent walking trails on the planet. With a variety of forests, 8 overlapping dune systems, trees that grow up to 50 meters tall, over 40 lakes, and an array of superb wildlife, there is no shortage of sights to see along your trek. With so many trails to choose from, we have curated a list of 13 of the best to help you narrow it down.

For the best walks on Fraser Island, an experienced team of Rangers from the Queensland Parks and Forests have created a classification system to grade each of the walks so that tourists can pick according to their ability and experience. Walks with a Grade 2 classification are formed tracks that may have gentle hills and some steps, there walks are also clearly signposted. Walks with a Grade 3 classification are formed tracks with some obstacles, they may have short steep hills and many steps. Finally walks with a Grade 4 classification are long, rough tracks that may be very steep with few directional signs.

Best Walks Under 1km

Eli Creek Boardwalk

Grade 2, No Experience Required

The Eli Creek Boardwalk trek is 400 metres return, taking roughly 30 minutes to complete it is the perfect walk for little ones. This walk is easily accessible with a 4WD and is located just off Seventy-Five Mile Beach. As you walk you will be treated to the sights and sounds of one of the purest creeks in the world. You will also get the chance to learn all about it with a series of informative signs about Eli Creek along the way.

Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk

Grade 2, No Experience Required

This stunning boardwalk trek will take you on a journey along a crystal creek, past stunning Strangler Figs, under a canopy of Epiphyte and intricate vines. The Wanggoolba Creek Boardwalk is a 700metre return trip that will take you a little over half an hour to complete.

Best Walks Under 10km

Dundonga Creek Walk

Grade 3, Some Experience Required

The Dundonga Creek walk offers a unique perspective of Fraser Island (K’gari) as the 3km trek takes you through a mangrove-lined creek. Make sure you keep your eye out for juvenile fish and crabs in the aquatic nursery along the way.

Lake Allom 

Grade 2, No Experience Required

An ideal walk for the entire family, the Lake Allom circuit takes just one hour to complete. Along this 1.4km trek through the tranquil rainforest, will most likely get to see Krefft’s river turtles swimming in the mystical green lake. Making this one of the best Grade 2 walks on Fraser Island (K’gari).

Kirrar Sandblow 

Grade 3, Some Experience Required

The Kirrar Sandblow walk comes highly recommended by Rangers, it is 1.9 kilometers and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Tourists have said that walking on the Kirrar Sandblow was like walking on the surface of the moon with its tiny craters and vast expanse. On this amazing walk, you will also get to see Rainbow Gorge’s striking array of coloured sand.

Walks Under 100km

Lake McKenzie 

Grade 4, Recommended for Experienced Bushwalkers

One of the best walks on Fraser Island (K’gari) is the Lake McKenzie walk which is 13.8 kilometers each way so you will need to allow around 11 hours to complete it. The hike contains steep hills but grantees unbelievable views of the ocean from on top of the North White Cliffs and the destination itself, Lake McKenzie is worth the trek as the with its iconic crystal clear water makes it one of most beautiful lakes in the world.

Lake Mckenzie Fraser Island Realty Best walks

K’gari (Fraser Island) Great Walk

Grade 4, Recommended for Experienced Bushwalkers

Taking 6 to 8 days to complete, the K’gari Great Walk is not one for the faint-hearted, but it is certainly the experience of a lifetime. The walk is 90km long meaning you will get to see a little bit of everything the Fraser Island has to offer, striking sand blows, breathtaking forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

No matter which walks you choose, make sure you wear sturdy footwear, go in pairs or groups, carry lots of water, protect yourself from the sun, read all of the safety signs carefully along the way, and if you are going on a long walk make sure you pack a compass and first-aid kit. Most importantly though, take time to enjoy the scenery and keep an eye out for all of the amazing wildlife that inhabits Fraser Island.

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