The Top 7 Most Fun Things to Do on Fraser Island (K’gari)

The Top 7 Most Fun Things to Do on Fraser Island (K’gari)

Dec 19, 2020

From sightseeing to swimming, cultural experiences and heart-pumping activities, Fraser Island has something for everyone. Whether you want to relax or seek thrills, young or old, looking for luxury or doing it on a shoestring, Fraser offers activities to suit every age and budget.

1. Visit the Tallest Lighthouse Queensland

Fun activities on Fraser Island (K’gari) include visiting the Sandy Cape Lighthouse which is located at the most northern point of the island. It is the tallest and second oldest lighthouse in Queensland. The heritage-listed lighthouse was built in 1870, though you cannot enter the building itself, the view and photo opportunities are well worth the trip. The journey to Sandy Cape Lighthouse is quite an experience. The 2.4km roundtrip hike features informative signs that tell you about the history of the lighthouse and the people who have lived in it. There is also a World War II bunker and Keepers graves to be seen along the way.

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2. Go for a Float

Grab a boogie board, tube or giant lilo and head to Eli Creek for a tranquil float that you will never forget. This incredible creek is the largest on the Eastern secretion of the island and pours up to 4 million litres of freshwater into the ocean every hour. The water in Eli Creek is amongst the purest in the world with it taking over 100 years to get filtered through the sand. Located near the Maheno Shipwreck, this natural wonder is accessible via 4WD. What makes Eli Creek even more fun is its fast flow; the water moves quickly so all you have to do is jump on your floating device and nature will do all of the hard work for you. Sit back and enjoy a relaxing trip around the creek, taking in the beautiful forest around.

3. Get an Adrenaline Rush on The Dunes

Still, got that boogie board? Grab a helmet and hit the dunes for a thrilling sandboarding experience. Waddy Point and Orchid Beach on the North-Eastern side of the island are the best places to glide down the colourful dunes at speeds that will get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping.

4. Spot Marine Life from a Volcanic Rock Structure

Created by volcanic activity almost 50-80 million years ago, Indian Head is an incredible volcanic structure which offers 240-degree panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding beaches. Venture to the top of Indian Head is well worth the trip as it is the best place to see sharks, turtles, whales and dolphins. Locals advise that the optimum time for spotting marine life is during the winter months.

5. Learn About Indigenous Culture

Wang’ari Dreaming Cultural Tours give you the opportunity to experience Traditional Batjala and Aboriginal Australian culture, history and traditions. Owned and operated by a Senior Elder of the Batjala People, Wang’ari Dreaming Cultural Tours offers two unique experiences. The ‘Bush Tucker Cultural Cooking’ experience, where you will go on an educational bushwalk collecting native bush foods before returning to camp to learn about how the Batjala people prepared their meals. The ‘Wang’ari Dreaming Fraser Dingo Cultural Day Tour’ allows you to see everything that Fraser Island has to offer in a day, guided by the people who know it best. On the tour, you will see the most popular beautiful lakes, Lake Mckenzie and Eli Creek, 4WD on the 75 Mile Beach Highway witnessing the Dunes and Blows, visit the Maheno Shipwreck, Pile Valley and much more.

6. Explore an Iconic Shipwreck

Another fun thing to do on Fraser is to explore the Maheno shipwreck, which is as iconic as Fraser Island itself. After crashing on the shores of Seventy-Five Mile Beach, just north of Happy Valley in 1935 during a violent storm, the eight crew members survived unharmed however, the 5,000-tonne steel ship did not bear the same good fortune. Left to rust on the shore, the Maheno has now become one of the most popular destinations on Fraser Island with tourists free to explore the magnificent wreck at low tide.

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7. 4WD on Seventy-Five Mile Beach

The final fun thing to do on Fraser Island is to take a drive along a highway like no other in the world and find out how it feels to travel along 121 kilometres of pristine beach. As if the incredible dunes and crystal-clear ocean aren’t enough, on your journey you will also discover Indian Head the remarkable volcanic rock formation, the Maheno Shipwreck, and the Champagne pools.

No matter what activity you chose, you are guaranteed to be blown away by the sheer natural beauty of Fraser Island while you are doing it!

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