Why Fraser Island (K’gari) Is The Best Place To Go For Families

Why Fraser Island (K’gari) Is The Best Place To Go For Families

Jan 25, 2021

The indigenous name for Fraser Island is K’gari meaning paradise, which is exactly what this island of wonders is. If your family is after the experience of a lifetime if you like adventure and want to give your kids a holiday that they will never forget then Fraser Island is the place for you.

There are a million reasons why Fraser Island is the best place for families to go but here are just a few:

Your Kids Will NEVER Say ‘I’m Bored’

It’s the phrase every parent dread, ‘I’m bored’, I have heard it three times in the last hour alone. Luckily at Fraser Island, there is so much to do that your kids will not even get a second to utter the words. With over 40 lakes to swim in, the tallest lighthouse in Queensland, forests to meander through, dunes to board down, and shipwrecks to explore, there is never a dull moment.


Best Place To Go To See Animals in Their Natural Habitat

If your kids are animal lovers, and let’s face it most kids are then they will love the abundance of wildlife at Fraser Island. You can venture to Indian Head to spot Humpback Whales and enormous sharks, head to Lake Allom to look for Krefft’s river turtles, take a stroll through the forests to look for echidna’s, swamp wallabies, and native birds, or even just go for a drive along the sand and count the wild dingos. Making this the best place for families to go.

Humpback Whale of Fraser Island, best place for families to go

Immerse Yourselves in Indigenous Culture

There are a variety of indigenous cultural experiences to be had a Fraser Island. Your family can learn all about the history of K’gari and its Traditional Owners, the Butchulla people. As well as guided tours, there are informative signs located all over the island with Dreamtime stories and information about indigenous traditions.


Learn About The Environment

Learn all about conservation on one of the many Eco Tours or self-guided walks available on the island. Find out what makes Fraser Island so important that it is UNESCO World Heritage Listed, how the dingoes are being protected and what the government is doing to repair the damage down by logging and sand mining.


Explore Hidden World War II Sights

Did you know that there are several World War II sights to see on the island? In fact, the Maheno Shipwreck was ones used for shooting practice. During World War II the Z Commando School site, located on Fraser Island was home to the 900 men who made up the Z Special Unit, today you can retrace their steps on guided tours. Get the family together for a hike and head north where you will find a track to a bunker near the Sandy Cape Lighthouse, there is also one that leads to World War II ruins at the McKenzie Jetty towards the southern centre of the island.


Switch Off 

One of the appeals of Fraser Island is its remote location and with that comes limited phone coverage which means a break from social media, YouTube, and being available to everyone in your life 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your little ones can leave their Nintendo’s and iPad’s behind, don’t get me wrong Reading Eggs is a lifesaver when you are in a Zoom meeting, but Fraser Island gives the whole family the chance to switch off their devices and engross themselves in nature, making this one of the best places for families to go.


Spend Endless Hours Swimming

Although you cannot swim in the ocean on Fraser Island, due to rough seas, currents and sharks, there are certainly plenty of other options. The world-famous Lake McKenzie will blow your mind, with its crystal blue water and soft white sand. Its shallow edges and calm waters make it the perfect place for little ones. Another iconic swimming spot that the little ones will love is the Champagne Pools. During low tide, the water in these shallow pools formed in rocks is calm and warm. Take a giant inflatable and spend the day lazing around and taking in the breathtaking views.

Swimming at Fraser

Whether you are into relaxing or exploring there is something for everyone at Fraser Island. With no connection and no distractions, it is the best place for families to go, reconnect, and spend quality time together in one of the most majestic places in the world.

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